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Prioritize your connection using our control panel

A totally unshaped Internet connection is usually advertised as an advantage but its NOT. If your connection is being abused, the service you want to use online will not necessarily work correctly. Internet Services Providers try shape your connection so that you get a better Internet experience. This does not work because the provider does not know how you use your Internet. They largely guess what you use it for.

Enter Jenny Priority Flow

Jenny Priority flow puts the controls in your hands. We provide you with an easy to use control panel. You can manage the traffic flowing through your Internet connection with a tick of a check box. This way you will really get the best Internet experience.

Simply change your Internet Service Provider to Jenny Internet to get access to a control panel to shape your own Internet connection the way YOU like it.

Example Gamer:
If you are a gamer and have other people using Netflix and YouTube in your household.
You can select:  [ X ] Gaming High Priority
This will allow games to get first priority on the Internet connection then Netflix and Youtube can use the rest.

Example Business Owner:
You own a business and you don’t want people streaming YouTube to slow your Internet Connection down.   
You can select:  [ X ] Streaming Low Priority 30% bandwidth usage
This means that upto a maximum of 30% of your line can be used by streaming video services.  70% is available for business usage. 


And many more checks on our control panel.   Simply move to Jenny Internet to have access to our control panel.

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